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How does Sustainability Elevate my Vacation Rental?

With 76% of travellers indicating they want more sustainable travel options it’s hard to ignore the fact that offering vacation rentals that fit the bill is the clear path to short term rental success and responsible hosting.

We’re partnering with second home owners in Muskoka using a management strategy that increases property values and ROI, creates exceptional guest stays and grows strong relationships.

But there’s a lot more.

Working within the short-term rental industry for the past several years we’ve been able to notice where the gaps are, in service, in communication, in efficiency, in respecting the environment, and in developing great relationships with neighbours and community.

Combining that knowledge and experience with intensive research into current industry travel trends has resulted in the development of the sustainable vacation rental cycle concept and we’d love to share it with you.

Our Services

What We'll Do For You:

  • Optimize

    Your Listing on AirBnB, VRBO plus Direct Bookings

  • Market

    Multi-Faceted Marketing Strategy and Dynamic Pricing Tools – Ask How

  • Manage

    Guest Relations
    – Maintenance on Retainer
    In-House Cleaning Team
    – Listen, Communicate, Report

What We'll Do With You:

  • Ensure a safe and comfortable space for guests 
  • Create a sustainability plan for your cottage, implemented over time, on budget
  • Increase your ROI
  • Give back to the community

Start The Process

The Sustainable Vacation Rental Cycle looks like this..

  1. Right Fit: As Vacation Rental Managers we partner with Property Owners who are looking to increase their investment while renting their properties in a responsible way and are engaged with the process.
  2. Property First Approach ensures that the rental space is in good repair, has comfortable bedding and furniture, and utilizes environmentally responsible solutions for cleaning, waste disposal and products.
  3. Successful Guest Stays: Travelers seeking environmentally responsible vacation rentals will feel safe, comfortable and ethically aligned with each cottage stay. Better guest reviews.
  4. Community: $1 per Night per Stay is donated directly back to community causes in Muskoka.
  5. Good Neighbour/Regulator Relationships: Responsible hosting practices instill good will and confidence in neighbours, as well as in local officials and short term rental regulators. The perception and reputation of the vacation rental industry is elevated.
  6. Smarter Regulation: regulators who are well informed (not just fielding complaints) and have an established rapor with vacation rental managers and property owners are better able to keep the industry healthy and implement smarter short term rental rules.

The Result:

In the spirit of thinking globally and acting locally, these are direct, tangible results, right in your own backyard, literally.

Booking.Com Sustainable Travel Report

Confirm that traveling more sustainably is important to them.
Would be willing to pay more for sustainable travel options.
Want to filter their options for those with a sustainable label next time they book.

Our Community Commitment

$1 per Night per Stay is donated directly to worthy community causes right in Muskoka.
Community Commitment

Mission Statement

Cultivate long-lasting relationships with owners, staff and community with an evolved vacation rental management company that has sustainability as its core operating value.


To make sustainable vacation rental hosting as the de facto industry standard globally.

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