I asked Ryan Reynolds to Update my LinkedIn Profile

Ryan Reynolds Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame
The next pass at writing a new profile blurb was this “Hey Chat GPT incorporate these changes and give me a new version in the voice of Ryan Reynolds.” How could that not work? The result...

I’ve been working on a significant career change over the past several years. Living in Muskoka full time has resulted in both opportunities and challenges. However I’ve finally found the sweet spot between work I love to do and how to make a broader difference.

What’s the right way to announce a 180 degree job pivot on LinkedIn? I still don’t know. But here’s what happened. 

My existing LinkedIn profile somewhat related to the shift from full time communications and marketing to an entrepreneurial focus, but it needed some serious upgrading. I thought I’d turn to Chat GPT for inspiration. 

Enter Chat GPT

Chat GPT logo

I plunked in the existing profile info, added some details about the new venture and here’s what I got from the AI program:

“Drawing on my robust background in communications, marketing, and organizational management, I’ve spent the past five years cultivating a new venture: Limberlost Vacation Rental Management. Infusing my expertise with a deep-rooted commitment to responsible tourism, I’ve worked tirelessly within the industry to refine the art of vacation rental hosting.

From collaborating with clients and property managers to fostering relationships with cottage owners and local regulators, I’ve honed my skills to deliver exceptional guest experiences in an eco-conscious setting. Our mission at Limberlost is simple: to offer comfortable and sustainable stays while elevating the reputation of the short-term rental industry.

By leveraging my comprehensive experience and a dedication to responsible tourism, I’ve cultivated a service that not only meets but exceeds expectations. If you’re seeking a partner who shares your commitment to sustainability and quality, I invite you to reach out. Let’s collaborate to enhance your marketing efforts while making a positive impact on the world.”


Wow. Tha’s pompous. And formal. And it used the word ‘cultivated’ twice.

There’s some truth sprinkled throughout but in general it doesn’t work.

This time with Ryan’s help

The next crack at is was this: “Hey Chat GPT, incorporate these changes and give me a new version in the voice of Ryan Reynolds.” How could that not work? 

The result: 

“Hey there! So, picture this: I’ve been knee-deep in the world of communications, marketing, and keeping things organized for the past five years. But here’s the kicker—I’ve been cooking up something special on the side. It’s called Limberlost Vacation Rental Management, and let me tell you, it’s a game-changer.

Now, I’m not just about slapping together any old vacation rental. Oh no, I’ve got a secret sauce: a deep love for responsible tourism. Yeah, I’ve been working my tail off within the industry, perfecting the art of hosting in a way that’s good for the planet.

From cozy chats with clients to smoothing things over with property managers and sweet-talking cottage owners, I’ve mastered the dance of delivering top-notch guest experiences in an eco-friendly package. At Limberlost, we’re all about comfy, sustainable stays that leave a lighter footprint.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a partner who’s as serious about sustainability as they are about quality, then let’s chat. Together, we’ll take your marketing efforts to the next level while making the world a better place, one vacation at a time.”

I’ll admit it did make me chuckle. Just like Ryan himself it’s entertaining and fun to look at.
But honestly.
Plus, marketing isn’t the focus here. 

That was fun but I’ll just write it myself thanks

Resisting the urge to try a third iteration in the voice of Moira Rose, here’s what actually transpired. 

I’ve spend a good portion of my life in Muskoka and over the past 7 years I’ve lived here full time. Much of that time has been spent learning about the vacation rental / short-term rental industry from the inside out. 

Creating and growing a successful cleaning business that caters largely to vacation rental turnover cleaning, my crew and I have had the opportunity to work with property managers, businesses and directly with cottage and home owners. We’ve seen short-term rental done poorly, done well, and done exceptionally. The tactics that work well became clear and the gaps in service and opportunity also have made themselves apparent. Single use plastic water bottles have had me on the brink of despair. Frankly it was often frustrating to be involved in the process without being able to do anything tangible to make it work better. 

Rather than let the negative fester, I decided to pour my energies into building a company that would do things better, in a way that’s beneficial for everyone involved. Communication, safety, comfort, cleanliness, organisation, community and environment are all pieces of the vacation rental puzzle that need to be fit together to create a sustainable short-term rental. 

Time spent cleaning also meant time to soak in every podcast from every vacation rental thought leader out there. That’s a lot of learning, ideas and expertise packed in over a few years. No need to reinvent the wheel. But now it’s time to add in a missing, necessary component … sustainability. 

Why Sustainability in the Short-Term Rental Industry?

It’s simple. Sustainability is how the tourism industry in general is, and should be, evolving. You can read our full plan on sustainable hosting and travel here, but it boils down to this:

It’s the complete cycle that makes sustainability in tourism work. We can do this better.

Flower box on the deck beside the lake at the waterfront cottage in Muskoka

Tourism in Muskoka has always been, so it’s not going anywhere. But the evolution needs to be based on smart planning and a responsible approach.

Elevating the short-term rental industry as a whole will become the status quo. 

We’re partnering with cottage owners in Muskoka who want to welcome guests into their spaces and are interested in a progressive, responsible and community-minded approach to hosting.

If that’s you, please get in touch. 

Limberlost Vacation Rental Management

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