The Limberlost Story

Muskoka has been ‘home’ since I was born.

Terri Hodgson

Owner – Limberlost Vacation Rental Management

My grandparents and great-grandparents built cottages side by side on a little lake off of Limberlost Road, outside of Huntsville in 1951. With no road yet, hydro or running water the original cottage experience was truly rustic, with light by oil lamp, meals cooked on the wood-fired stove and water was fetched in buckets by hand from the spring. They ordered their building supplies from Huntsville Planing Mills (which once stood where River Mill Park is today). The lumber etc was delivered to the lodge on our lake where the road ended. From there my great-grandfather would load as many of the supplies as he could fit into his row boat, turned around once to look at where he was aiming the bow of the boat and rowed everything down the length of the lake to the cottage.

My sisters and I grew up all summer every summer running barefoot between the two cottages, with no phone, no tv, but thankfully electricity, running water and one tank full of gas allowed per week for the ski boat. We learned how to canoe, boat, waterski and fish, how to keep our evening lights to a minimum to be able to see the stars, to enjoy a bonfire, work hard, and to respect the land and water. These were simple, sparse cottages with leftover furniture and very little in the way of amenities. But my grandmother would look around the dinner table and ask “I wonder what the poor people are doing tonight”, stating what was obvious to us, that we had a wealth of riches just by spending time there, with each other.

Cottaging has changed significantly over the decades but the feeling for those returning to Muskoka or visiting it for the first time, should be the same, a rich experience with people you enjoy in a comfortable space in the wilderness. For owners, whether you’re a new cottage owner or decades in, you’ve invested a lot of heart and soul into your space; offering it to rental guests is a great way to share everything Muskoka has to offer.

We set high expectations of our owners, just as we do of our guests. Quality of experience isn’t complicated, it’s in thoughtful attention to the details.

Limberlost Vacation Rental Management is a dedicated group of professionals you can entrust your vacation property to. Increase your investment while preserving the environment and help others to make memories they’ll carry for a lifetime.

When you’re ready to get started, we’d love to hear from you.

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